How To Write to the Event Log from PowerBuilder

April 11, 2017 pbgeeks 0

As a PowerBuilder developer you might have several log files from your application to log sequence of events and capture any exceptions or errors while processing. But if you have a batch application running on a server, you might be interested in logging your messages to the Event Viewer of the application server. This will provide a way for the DevOPs team to keep a tab on any failures and report the same instead of the developers going through the logs. This article explains How to write to the Event Log from PowerBuilder applications.

How To Encrypt/Decrypt using GPG in PowerBuilder

April 7, 2017 pbgeeks 0

GPG is a powerful tool used by most organizations for Encrypting and Decrypting files and documents. However, when it came to implement this in PowerBuilder, it was a challenge since I did not find any good articles on doing the same. That is when I thought I should write this article on How To Encrypt/Decrypt using GPG in PowerBuilder and share with you all. I do hope you will find it useful for any similar implementations.

Thanks to Chris Pollach for this Video!!!

March 28, 2017 pbgeeks 0

Chris Pollach has explained how we can enable the auto-script functionality in PowerBuilder.

This gives us a great way to reduce using Shift+F1 when we need to see what an in-built function requires as an argument or what it returns.

Thanks once again Chris for all you do to the PowerBuilder Community.