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    Hello and welcome to PBGeeks!!!

    This website will provide all PowerBuilder developers and programmers a chance to interact and coordinate with others all around the world.

    If there is a technical solution that you have achieved do share with others in relevant topics.

    If you are having a difficulty shout-out here to others to help you out.

    You may introduce yourself with geo-location and project details for everyone to know you better.

    Note: Please refrain from posting irrelevant topics here to avoid shadow-ban

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    I’m a fairly new PB Dev on a Software company from Brazil.
    For a while now, I’ve noticed that other Brazilian developers have a hard time finding a good source of information (mostly because they don’t know English), so i started a site to help them (and because i like technology and wanted to share a few tips about PB, python, db and related subjects).

    The site is lacking posts in English, but between full-time work and college, there’s not enough time to create posts in Brazilian portuguese and English.

    My site: http://raccoon.ninja
    Linkedin Profile (for now, just in Pt-br, but i’ll translate asap): https://br.linkedin.com/in/brenoribeirodovalle


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      Hello Raccoon – I just visited your site, of course it was all gibberish for me but I could use the translate option and was able to read in English. Nice posts and good website. Keep them going.

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    Hi, I’m Aron. I’ve worked with PowerBuilder for many, many years in Canada and the UK. I’m always looking for new ideas and help when I get stuck, I am also happy to give help when I have the time and the knowledge.

    The thing I am happy I learned to do with PowerBuilder is call .NET code from PowerBuilder classic using OLE / ActiveX. This has made a bunch of things like sending emails via SMTP, interacting with Word, Outlook, SharePoint, encrypting and decrypting strings a whole lot easier especially as the >NET community is so much larger than the PowerBuilder one.

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      Hello Aron – Nice to see you here and welcome to PBGeeks forums.

      It is cool that you have the .NET code going, do let me know if you would like to share it in article that we can publish on this site so others can benefit from the same.


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    Hello everyone!

    Thanks for letting me join the group. 🙂

    I have 12 years of PB development in the past but have been sidetracked to work other on development environments. I’d really like to get back into working on PowerBuilder projects again but I need some guidance on how can I transition myself back into it.

    Things I would need will be PB demo version and also some training sites to name a few. Any information that you could share with me is greatly appreciated! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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      Hello Alex,

      Nice to see your comment and welcome to the PBGeeks forum!!.

      I am sure you will find what you need from some of the professional PB developers here. Good luck and keep participating.

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