Hands on look at PowerBuilder 2017

July 13, 2017 pbgeeks 5

Chris walks you through the various new features in PB 12.7 along with how to configure your license, creating your appeon login and associate that to your license, what each license has to offer, and then a demo application developed and deployed using PowerBuilder 12.7. I think it is a good podcast and gives you an overview of what to expect and whether you have a need to migrate or not. 

How To Save To PDF Using GhostScript In PowerBuilder

May 4, 2017 pbgeeks 0

Many PowerBuilder developers have had this question in many forums and I thought it best to document the process we follow to save to PDF using GhostScript in PowerBuilder applications. You can follow these steps and it works perfectly. We have many reports that we allow users to save as PDF and have had no issues or concerns.